Composite Cans – Lower Cost Packaging Option

Many companies are replacing their metal and plastic cans with a more environmentally responsible paperboard composite can.  These cans are made with 100% recycled paperboard spiral wound into a strong high performance container; a high barrier liner is added for some products, as well as a fresh seal membrane top or a plastic re-closable top.   

Paperboard composite cans are food safe and provide excellent barrier properties to keep the food fresh.

A smooth surface provides an excellent area for high quality graphics.  A printed paper label is applied as the can is produced or when the can is filled.

Composite Cans made with paperboard require less energy to manufacture than metal cans and the paperboard makes up the majority of the containers weight.

Many sizes can be produced without the requirement of additional tooling and dies.  Also many different skus can be produced within a run with a simple label changeover.

Most importantly, paperboard composite cans are a lower cost packaging option.  Your company will save money by switching over to paperboard composite cans. 

If your company already packages their products in paperboard composite cans you need to know that there are other suppliers out here besides the giant you may be purchasing from. 

I have had much success in transitioning companies from being dependent on the giant manufacturer to becoming a partner with companies like mine; resulting in more choice and lower costs.

-Michael O’Keefe is the Director of Sales at Pioneer Packaging in Chicago

Tel. 847-357-0010



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